SPRINKLER - en idé om att utveckla Platsbanken!


Då var det dags för det sista inlägget från hacket med Hyper Island! Även de fick frågan "How can technology support the future labour market in Sweden?"

Describe your idea/solution

To put it short - our idea is to make Platsbanken sexy! We think that Arbetsförmedlingen has an extremely valuable resource and service in Platsbanken, but it needs to be simplified and packaged more attractively. We also want to expand the user group to not only involve unemployed but people looking for a new job. We want to introduce an application called “Sprinkler” (our working title). Sprinkler is the number one place to go if you’re looking to hire, or to be hired, where we have shortened the distance between the jobseeker and the companies. From a user perspective, you set up a profile by simply filling in your information and basic skills and set up the area where you want to work. From a company perspective, you set up skill requirements for the position and can easily filter through potential applicants. The user will have a map overview where they easily can see exactly where and how many jobs are available in the area of their choice. The users who are in the area and match with the skill requirements will be notified and the matched position will be shown in the map. A company looking to hire could also use this function to notify nearby jobseekers about open houses, events or similar. We believe that this would make the whole search process more fun, simple and interactive while also providing a platform where companies and applicants can easier interact with each other.

How did you get your idea/where did you get the inspiration?

We got some inspiration from an app called Shpock. Shpock was launched by Blocket. They call it a “street sale-app”, but it’s more or less a simplified and free app-version of Blocket which appeals to a different target group, a younger one we’d assume. “Pokemon Go” also inspired us when thinking about the interaction part as for how to make it more fun.

What do you think the labor market will look like in the future?

The labor market in the future will for sure look very different from today’s labor market; however, a simple and more efficient process to find the right employee or job will always be needed. This is the core value of Sprinkler.

A team picture and a short bio of the team members

The team consists of five Digital Business-students from Hyper Island in Stockholm. Jacob Valfridsson has extensive background in sales and sales coaching. Tina Ding has a background in marketing in start-up companies. Lizzie Chen is a marketing professional with years of experience – both offline and online marketing. Ragna Lundström has been working within relationship and direct marketing as an art director. Hampus Edfeldt, worked with Quality assurance & Marketing in the gaming industry.

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  1. Åsa
    Kul med nya innovativa idéer kring hur vi kan utveckla platsbanken. Spännande att använda Schpock och Pokemon Go som inspiration.
  2. Micke
    Bra beskrivning av vad man kan använda redan "uppfunna" verktyg för att förbättra ett annat.
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